Valentine’s delight! Boudoir photography Zurich

One lucky man in Zurich got a set of HOT pictures of his wife on Valentines day! We had great fun producing these images and I was SOOO pleased when I received the text on Valentine’s day telling me how well the pictures had been received!

She was good enough to let me share a few with you, and she also shared this with me via email:

This was the first email reaction I got:

Wow! (<- Is what I want to say first!) You’re so talented!….I just keep thinking, “Damn, I am fiiiine.” 😉

(For me, it’s all about the first reaction!)

And this is what she wrote a little later when reflecting on her experience:

Clare, I had never done a boudoir shoot before, but with you everything was so easy. You are so friendly and easy going that the whole shoot was relaxing and fun! (Of course the champagne helped too!)  I loved how attentive you were at positioning me in flattering ways when I might not realise what to do. You knew exactly the right things to get me to do to show off the best parts of my body. If my glasses, earrings, hair or anything else needed a little rearranging, you fixed it right away… unlike other photographers I’ve experienced! I loved your attention to every small detail!

I’d love to get the same reaction from you! So if you are interested in creating some beautiful, memorable images of you and your curves then give me a call.


Zurich: 078 646 88 64

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