London Boudoir Photography – Rebecca’s story: My therapist recommended it … the result was overwhelming.

“My boudoir shoot was one of the best experiences I have ever had. After a very tough time and a heavy depression, my self-esteem was more than down and I had serious troubles seeing myself as an attractive woman. During one of my therapy sessions, I told my therapist about my friend who had had a boudoir shoot with Clare (her pictures were mind blowing) and that I was thinking
about doing it too, to help boost my self-esteem a little bit. My therapist strongly recommended it, so I decided to book with Clare.

The shoot was so much fun, Clare clearly knows what she is doing. She is so encouraging, warm-hearted and – with no doubt – an excellent photographer. The result for me was overwhelming. I cried and grabbed Clare’s hand in the viewing! Seeing myself through Clare’s eyes has definitely helped mend my doubts.” 

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