London Boudoir Photography – Liz’s story: a pre-mastectomy boudoir shoot

When I got the call from a lady in tears, just days away from her mastectomy surgery, I was desperate to help it whatever way I could. This was one of the most moving, and uplifting shoots I have ever done… I would rather you heard about it directly from my client though… here is her story…


“I had long wanted to have a boudoir photo shoot but just hadn’t managed to schedule a session. A breast cancer diagnosis and imminent surgery prompted me into action. My reconstruction surgery was not only going to involve my affected breast but would result in scarring and changes to other areas of my body. It was so important for me to capture images of my body, including fine art nudes, before these major changes.

I liked the style and finesse of Clare’s boudoir photography and contacted her on short notice. Clare was equally passionate as I was about this photo shoot and adjusted her schedule to fit me in. Given my circumstances, I had concerns that the session would be too emotional for me. Both Clare and Alexandra (the make up artist) were genuinely caring and compassionate and put me completely at ease. They were totally committed to making the photo shoot a memorable experience for me and I absolutely enjoyed every minute! The session was a beautiful celebration of me – all of me, not just my body – and gave me an indescribable boost going into a major life event. Now I can’t wait to schedule another boudoir session to capture the new beauty of my body and the new me!”

002-Liz - Clare

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