Jennifer’s story: I now acknowledge proudly I am a size 18 and I am sexy!

Clares Boudoir London 101

I was introduced to Clare’s Boudoir by one of my best friends who had a shoot done.  My best friend is gorgeous and about size 6.  I wanted to do it but I was nervous and quite insecure because I am a size 18, not a size 6!  I emailed Clare and introduced myself and told her I would love to do this but I don’t look like my best friend.  The encouragement and support I got was amazing.

102-Clares Boudoir London
002-Clares Boudoir London
The whole day was amazing.  Of course nerves took over but the Prosecco helps with that!  Everything about the day was just magical.  Alexandra was amazing with the make-up.    I wanted a natural look and it was stunning.  In the photo shoot,  Clare was so reassuring and supportive.  I knew I just had to go with it and trust her but it took me a bit to relax.
009-Clares Boudoir London
On the night of the viewing I was excited and the nerves kicked in again.  I was so looking forward to seeing the final outcome.  Would I look ok?  Then I saw them.  They were the most beautiful photos I had ever seen and in my head a voice kept saying…wow that’s really me!  Every photo showed a different part of me and my personality.  I was overwhelmed.  Every photo is “me” and every photo is beautiful and sexy.  I now acknowledge proudly I am a size 18 and I am sexy! No more nerves and my insecurities have diminished quite considerably.
004-Clares Boudoir London
This has been a journey of self-discovery and I will forever be grateful to Clare for being part of it.  I wish every woman did this to see how truly beautiful they are no matter what body size or shape they have.
014-Clares Boudoir London
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