‘He opened it…’ – Boudoir photography as a wedding gift

A few months ago I did a very special shoot for a very special lady… she put so much effort into planning every detail of her shoot with me as she wanted to make a very special gift of a boudoir book to give her husband on their wedding day…


I just got this email:

Subject: He opened it…

Message: …and he loved it!!

Thank you very much for your great work Clare and for an amazing wedding present 🙂



Boudoir photography does not need to be done with a man in mind. Often women just do it for themselves…. but men love it too!!!

Happy wedding day to a beautiful lady and a very lucky man !!


Here’s one of the pics… hopefully I can share more soon…

Boudoir wedding gift by Clares Boudoir Zurich


Make up by the talented Alexandra of GLO Cosmetics 

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