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Boudoir shoots usually start of as a bit of secret – sometimes as a surprise for a partner, sometimes a private time for the woman taking part. The idea of a shoot can feel daunting and often my clients arrive with a nervous smile.

But soon my clients realise how safe and relaxed the environment is (especially with a female photographer) and then they realise how much we are going to have… the costumer changes… the poses… a bit of acting… maybe jumping up and down on the bed…..teamed with the excitement of producing images of themselves that they have never had taken before ….and by the time they see their images they are just dying to show their girlfriends! Well if you look hot (which you will!) then why not!  .

My client in November had so much fun that she was happy for me to share a small selection of her images with you.

She also copied me into an email she shared with her friends:

“A friend of mine in the States did a boudoir shoot recently and after seeing her pictures I thought it would be fun to do too. I found Clare’s website and I’m so glad that I did!  I was a little nervous at first, but after the first few photos I felt comfortable and the whole afternoon was fun and really relaxed. Clare is super nice and she knows exactly how to get the best images possible. I love the way my photos came out and I’m so glad I did the shoot. Of course, they also are the best gift EVER for your boyfriend/husband, but I think I’m most glad that I have them for myself. “

As you can see from the images, I only do tasteful! No centre folds or glamour mags here! I look to explore the different sides of a woman – demure, sultry, fun, cheeky, contemplative… and I always encourage my clients to help style the shoot and make it their own…

I hope you enjoy these images and thank you again to my wonderful client for allowing me to share them and her experience.




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