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I don’t just love shooting boudoir, I love giving my clients a memorable experience.  I have listened to my clients’ needs and desires over the years and developed two different experiences to cater for women looking for a boudoir experience to suit them.

I ALWAYS WORK WITH AN ALL WOMEN TEAM – hostess, make up artist, retoucher and office assistant.

I offer ‘The Discovery Experience’  and ‘The Signature Experience’.  Below are detailed explanations of how they work to help you decide which is the best option for you.

I am also delighted to share my BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO to show exactly what you can expect from a Discovery Experience (event location and team members may vary from the video)


Discovery boudoir experience by Clares Boudoir 4The Discovery Experience (Bubbles & Boudoir in Zurich)

A luxury event, designed to give you a wonderful relaxing experience, with the thrill of beautiful images.

Suitable for ladies wishing to discover boudoir, looking for a smaller selection of images. The event is run as half day sessions.

Each sessions will include 3 attendees (of course the photo session is in a private room, alone with me!). You are welcome to book an individual place or with friends.

– A pre-shoot guide will be sent to you to help you prepare for the shoot.

– We host the event at a suitably stylish hotel that will co-ordinate with different looks and personalities.

– You will be greeted in the hotel lobby and guided up to the hotel suite, where we will welcome you with a glass of bubbly.

-We will start off with introductions and a talk about what you can expect from the experience.


Discovery boudoir experience by Clares Boudoir 2– I will do a wardrobe consultation with you, where we will prioritise the different outfits you have brought with you.

– Each lady will have a make up consultation and application lasting 45 mins.

– Then each lady will join me in the private bedroom for a photography session lasting 45 mins.
Discovery boudoir experience by Clares Boudoir 1
– During the photography session we usually have time for 3 different outfits. We will explore a range of poses and aim to provide at least 15 finished images for you to select from.





Discovery boudoir experience by Clares Boudoir 3Your session fee includes:

– 45 mins make up application,                                                          – 45 mins photography shoot,                                                         – hotel hire & refreshments                                                             –  preparation of your images.

It also includes a product credit to put towards purchases at your viewing session. Please check out the beautiful finished products available.
(Please note the experience fee does NOT include the images, only the product credit)

The Discovery Experiences take place once or twice a year. They usually sell out very quickly. Please join the waiting list to be informed of the next date announced. If you are planning to use images for a special occasion (e.g. wedding, birthday or anniversary gift) then please discuss the date with Clare as some products take up to 6 weeks to produce)



Signature boudoir experience by Clares BoudoirThe Signature Experience

A bespoke experience where we will work together to design a look and feel unique to you.

Ideal if you want a specific look, a deeper exploration of creative ideas, a wider range of looks or a completely 1:1 experience.




The experience includes:Signature boudoir experience by Clares Boudoir 2

– A pre-shoot consultation. This can be in person or over skype or telephone.We will discuss what you want to achieve, any personal goals and the type of images you want to create.

– We will jointly build a ‘mood board’ (a collection of images you like) to help guide the styling.

– You are encouraged to discuss your wardrobe choices- feel free to send me snaps of things you are considering. I always love seeing these pop up in my inbox!!

– We will discuss your plans for make up and hair and book the required stylists. Usually, with the bespoke shoot, clients choose to go for multiple make up looks, perhaps starting with a natural look and then adding smoky eyes and stronger lips…

– Together we will select a location that suits the style you wish to achieve. This could be a hotel, your home or another location. This can help create a very different feel for the shoot – for example we can opt for a vintage style hotel or a grungy loft with brick walls…
– The Signature Experience offers the flexibility to schedule the shoot for a date that suits your schedule and fits in with any special occasions you may wish to have the images ready for.

Signature boudoir experience by Clares Boudoir 3a– Your shoot experience will typically last c. 4 hours, with c. 1.5 hours of make up (1 hour at the beginning and 30 mins for a different look part way through) and 2.5 hours of shooting (split between the different looks). Timings vary in accordance with your personal plans.


As this is a bespoke experience the total cost will vary… the main ingredients to include are…

– Shoot with myself including pre-consult, 2.5 hours shoot time, production of images – £350 (GBP)

– Location cost – hotel fees range from £100-500 (GBP)

– Make up artist / hair design costs – charged directly by stylist

– Product purchases – please take a look at the product choices here. Please remember that shoot fees do not include any images.